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Welcome in our beautiful region Weissenfelser Land

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V.

 kindly supported by Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V.


The region Weissenfelser Land is situated in the southernmost part of the county Saxony-Anhalt right in the middle of Germany, close to Leipzig, Halle, Jena and Weimar.


Weissenfels is a cultural tourist attraction as well as an entrance to the scenic valley of the river Saale, including the district Saale-Unstrut, well-known for its vineyards.

Taking a journey along the Saale-Radwanderweg, a national cycling route leading through Weissenfels and the region Weissenfelser Land, the visitor explores the beautiful landscape on the one hand and a variety of cultural attractions on the other.

Modern hotels and B & B’s provide sufficient accommodation, and museums and exhibitions will make your stay in the region a pleasant experience.


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